Girona & Besalú Jewish Tour

If you are coming to visit Girona from Barcelona don’t miss the opportunity to explore the old medieval village of Besalú with its famous medieval bridge and it’s old Jewish quarter and have lunch enjoying the views of the Banyoles lake.


The traces of Besalú’s Jewish past are still visible. In the doors of some houses you still can see the hole where the old Catalan Jewish families placed the mezuzahs. In the Call (the Jewish quarter) you will see the remains of an old Synagogue and a miqveh discovered by chance in 1964, the miqveh have been dated back to the 12th century and are believed to be some of the oldest Jewish baths still standing in Europe.


If you have been a few days in Barcelona and you are tired of the tourist crowds, the ancient city of Girona is the perfect place to visit to scape the bustle of Barcelona. Girona is only 36 minutes taking the speed train and by car it is only 100 km.


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Girona & Besalú Jewish Tour

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A medieval village where some film scenes of The Perfume were shot and whose must-see attractions include the impressive Romanesque bridge, the Medieval Quarter, the Old Sinagogue, the Miqve, the Main Town Square (Plaça Major) and the old city walls, all of which are worth exploring as you wander around.

Lunch at the Banyoles lake

Girona itinerary:

  • The Arabian baths
  • The Girona cathedral. The first synagogue, the Aljama and the first Jewish settlement.
  • The Archaeological gardens, Montjuich (the Jewish mountain), The old walls and the Sant Domènec university.
  • The second Girona synagogue and the Mezuza
  • The jewish quarter, the Cabala school and the third synagogue
  • The Museum of Jewish History. Optional visit without a guide.

Meeting Point​:

Guest Hotel, Girona train station or any desired point.



From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.



  • Accompanying Guide
  • Insurance


Not included:

  • Drinks and lunch
  • Museum entrance fee (guide optional)


Price: 75€

Special price for groups (more than 4 people)

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Aside from the organized tours around the Girona Province, day trips and outings may also be tailored to suit customers’ needs if required.