Girona & Juego de Tronos

Walking in the medieval part of Girona you will visit all the locations from the Game of Thrones season six that were filmed in the old part of the city.


We will walk in the city of Bravos where Aria Stark had a lot of adventures, the outdoor theater in Bravos, King’s landing where Jaime Lannister had a showdown with the High Sparrow and the library attached to the Citadel where Sam was expecting to study.


The tour is not only about the Game of Thrones, we will visit all the main locations in Girona and it’s famous Jewish quarter, one of the most well preserved in Europe from the medieval period.


If you have been a few days in Barcelona and you are tired of the tourist crowds, the ancient city of Girona is the perfect place to visit to scape the bustle of Barcelona. Girona is only 36 minutes taking the speed train and by car it is only 100 km.


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Tour Girona & Juego de Tronos

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  • The Arabian baths
  • The Girona cathedral. The first synagogue, the Aljama and the first Jewish settlement.
  • The Archaeological gardens, Montjuich (the Jewish mountain), The old walls and the Sant Domènec university.
  • The second Girona synagogue and the Mezuza
  • The jewish quarter, the Cabala school and the third synagogue
  • The Museum of Jewish History


Meeting Point​:

Guest Hotel, Girona train station or any desired point.



Morning, two-three hours (10h-13h)
Afternoon, two-three hours (16h-19h)



  • Accompanying Guide
  • Insurance


Price: 15€

Precio especial para grupos (más de 4 personas)


Además de las visitas organizadas por la provincia de Girona, también se pueden hacer excursiones y salidas de un día para satisfacer tus necesidades.