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Girona Trips specializes in organizing tourist visits to the most beautiful and surrealist sites around the Girona Province.


Our high-quality tours and visits are targeted to small groups in order to provide the best customized service  as well as to ensure  our visitors live through unique unforgettable experiences different from those of mainstream tourism.


On our day trips and excursions you will get away from the clichés of the Catalan people. In a pleasant and amusing way you will get in contact with the Catalan culture, history as well as its language and cuisine. The entertaining anecdotes and stories you will be told along the way will undoubtedly make your outings worthwhile.


Aside from the organized tours around the Girona Province, day trips and outings may also be tailored to suit customers’ needs if required.

Local & experienced guide


My name is Miquel and I was born and raised in Girona, the city that I have always loved.



After moving away from home for ten years, six years of which I spent in Africa, I decided to move back home to Girona. I spent the next five years working in my city.


In the middle of the global economic crisis I decided to quit my job and do what I love most, show my beautiful city and share the best insider attractions in the Girona area.


I am fluent in a few languages and at the moment I am studying History at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.


Maybe you can spot me on the Catalan tower.

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